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Darth Vader Life Size Statue

Life Size Yoda StatueWith the increasing popularity of Star Wars both the television series and movies many people have begun collecting memorabilia portraying their favorite characters. One of the most well known characters from Star Wars is Darth Vader. This character has increased in popularity and Darth Vader life size statues have become a significant piece in any Star Wars fans’ collection.

Darth Vader life size statues can be displayed and showcased virtually anywhere. Depending on the material they are made from they can easily be displayed outdoors in a garden or even free standing in your front yard or back yard. Often times, avid fans will proudly display their Star Wars collectibles in a separate room in their home or even in their living room or bedroom. The great thing about this statue is that it can be showcased anywhere without your home losing its main pattern and style.

Darth Vader life size statues are typically made from plaster and are finished off with ceramics. They can be designed to your own specifications and made according to what you are looking for. These statues can be designed and made to portray any scene from any Star Wars movie or television episode. Aside from the life size character, they can also be made into life size busts as well where the statue is made to the exact character’s specifications from the shoulders up.

While these statues can be somewhat pricey, researching prices and companies that specialize in this type of sculpting is extremely important to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality for the price. Typically Darth Vader life size statues average in price to several thousands of dollars depending on the detail and the arrangement of the sculpture. Price also varies from sculptor to sculptor and from store to store. They can be purchased at many novelty stores, specialty stores, online, and directly from a private collector or sculptor.

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Yoda Life Size Statue

Life Size Yoda StatueThe Star Wars era has made a comeback and many people are buying replica or true memorabilia to commemorate and celebrate its big return. One of the most lovable and most popular characters is Yoda. Everyone who has seen the Star Wars movies or series, old and new, can’t help but to fall in love with this adorable character.

Avid Star Wars collectors have been collecting Yoda life size statues and cut outs for many years. With the new movies coming out in theaters statues have been the piece of choice for many collectors. Life sized Yoda statues can be made by the exact scale of Yoda’s height and size. They can be made to portray many different scenes from the movies and the television series. Different materials can be used as well.

Traditionally, life size Yoda statues are made out of ceramic or plaster. A special mold is made from wood or other sturdy materials and the statue itself is made by pouring plaster either inside the mold or over the mold to ensure that every detail is captured. Once material has dried over or inside the mold to the point where it cannot be altered, the sculptor will begin chiseling off any extra pieces of the statue and will smooth out any rough spots. Once the statue is smoothed out, they will then paint the statue to represent the true expressions of Yoda. After the paint dries the sculptor will then adhere a glaze coating to the statue giving it the final shiny appearance that can be found in stores.

Because of this “dawn of a new era” with the amazing comeback of Star Wars, Yoda life size statues have become just as popular as the movie. They can be purchased online, through private collectors, or at specialty stores and can even be handmade to your own specifications.

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